Competition sector I - Sarca river - Tione

Competition sector I - Sarca river - Tione

Competition sector

The competition sector is 6,3 Km long and is easily accessible by the S.S. 237 leading to Trento and the S.S. 239 leading to Madonna di Campiglio. In this area there is a "no-Kill" zone of about 2,300 m. near the village of Villa. This area has good characteristics with an almost perfectly natural river bed, abundant water and deep potholes.

Area: Sarca River, from the bridge of Preore to downstream of the bridge of Darè.
Trout species: marble, brown trout and hybrid.

Further information: Trentino Fishing - Associazione Pescatori Alto Sarca

Sector I map - Sarca river - Tione

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