Trentino Fishing Guide

Discover the competition sectors of the championship with the official and certified "Trentino Fishing Guides" who will take you in security to the championship sectors. Or you can ask to the local fishing associations:

    • Associazione pescatori Dilettanti Alto Sarca - fishing sectors I -II - III - IV Sarca river
      Via Damiano Chiesa, 3 - 38079 Tione di Trento
      Tel. +39 0465 321051 - -
    • Associazione pescatori Val di Non - fishing sector V Noce river:
      Sir. Alberto Concini
      Tel. +39 335 8308009 -

Further information: Trentino Fishing - T. 0465 702626

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Explore Trentino thanks to WFFC2018!

Fishing in Trentino, a unique experience

With its huge variety of waters and landscapes, Trentino is the perfect place for fishers who want to experience new thrills!

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